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Sustainability Policy

Last update: July 2023

At Salt, we are committed to operating as a sustainable and environmentally responsible technology business. We recognise the importance of minimising our environmental impact, promoting social responsibility, and embracing sustainable practices in all aspects of our operations.

Key Principles

Green Cloud Computing

As a technology business, we leverage cloud computing resources with a commitment to optimising energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint. We actively seek to utilise AWS services and features that promote sustainability, such as AWS's use of renewable energy for its data centres.

Hybrid Working and Reduced Commuting

Salt embraces a hybrid working model that allows employees the flexibility to work remotely and in-office. By minimising the need for commuting, we aim to reduce our overall carbon emissions and contribute to a healthier environment.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

We actively promote waste reduction and recycling initiatives within our offices. This includes providing mixed recycling bins, minimising single-use plastics, and encouraging employees to adopt sustainable practices in their workplace.

Supplier and Partner Sustainability

Salt prioritises working with suppliers and partners who share our commitment to sustainability. This includes assessing and selecting vendors based on their environmental practices, ethical standards, and dedication to reducing their carbon footprint.

Employee Engagement

We empower our employees to contribute to our sustainability goals by providing education and training on eco-friendly practices. We encourage employees to share innovative ideas for reducing our environmental impact and recognise their contributions to our sustainability efforts.

Continuous Improvement

Salt is dedicated to continuous improvement in our sustainability practices. We regularly review our policies, set new objectives, and strive to adopt innovative technologies and practices that further reduce our environmental impact.


By adhering to these key principles, Salt aims to be a leader in sustainable technology practices, contributing to a greener future for our planet. We believe that by integrating environmental responsibility into our business operations, we can make a positive impact on both our immediate community and the broader global environment.

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