Maximising music royalty collections for the digital era

Salt maximises value for rights holders through a combination of increased income and faster payments; industry-leading accuracy and transparency; and the ability to quickly adapt to new revenue streams.

The next-gen society back-office

Salt is a back-office Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product for the music industry. Salt leverages deep domain knowledge and unrivalled cloud-computing technology expertise to deliver next-generation, global music royalty collection services for rights holders.

Salt is designed and built by a team instrumental in digital music’s invention. A fully automated, data-driven, cloud-scale, SaaS product, allowing societies & rights holders to maximise the value of their musical repertoire in the global market at the lowest possible cost whilst benefiting from full transparency.

A highly automated, data-driven, cloud-scale, SaaS platform, allowing societies & rights holders to maximise the value of their musical repertoire in the global market at the lowest possible cost with total transparency.

Salt Vision

The key benefits of Salt

  • More Income, More Quickly. Salt’s innovative technology allows for faster near realtime distribution of income because of its market-leading processing speeds, near unlimited capacity, and fully end-to-end automated royalty processing pipelines. These capabilities are powered by a realtime data streaming technology backbone that facilitates high-cadence royalty payments.
  • New Accuracy Standard. Salt sets the industry benchmark for accuracy, enabling the elimination of the black-boxes historically associated in royalty collection through a combination of its processing capacity, performance and data lineage. No processing cut-offs are enforced on Salt’s matching, share calculation, invoicing, or distribution stages.
  • Total Transparency. Salt’s data processing architecture is designed to implement complete transparency using a combination of fully versioned datasets and data enrichment rules. This approach allows end-to-end data lineage with the ability to revisit the state at any point in history.
  • Advanced DSP Claiming. Salt ushers in a new generation of DSP claiming capabilities that boast the ability to handle debits and credits throughout the entire claim process. This allows an unlimited number of claiming opportunities and supports line-level feedback from DSPs, features crucial for maximising royalty collections in the ‘Backclaim Period’ between the end of the ‘Collection Period’ and DSPs making the final ‘Residual Payments’
  • Multi-Rights, Multi-Territory. Salt operates with one of the broadest scopes of musical rights (incl. PR & MR) and territories (currently at 210) of any royalty collection service in production use today.
  • Sophisticated Collection Mandates. Salt supports a wide variety of repertoire carve-in and carve-outs. This logic results from rightsholder registrations, sister society mandates, rightsholder affiliations, BIEM rules, Anglo-American repertoire rules and detailed per usage type, per DSP carve-outs.
  • Intelligent Distributions. Next-generation distribution capabilities enabling a high-cadence rhythm of royalty payments with advanced royalty distribution logic and algorithms able to monetise yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s music use.
  • New Model Exploration. Using its adaptability and intelligent distributions, Salt supports the exploration of new royalty allocation models, actively helping streaming platforms evolve as they attempt to accelerate subscriber growth and find new revenue models
  • Highly Agile. Salt’s architecture allows for quick customization and configuration. This enables Salt to quickly monetise new DSPs and deploy innovative royalty solutions for new types of music usage.

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